Toy Library Definition


One of the first lines of work was to settle a shared TL definition. After some discussions and barinstormings, the group decided to state TL as:

Toy libraries provide resources for play, including toys, games, trained staff and dedicated space, on a non-commercial basis.

European Toy Libraries are open to everybody: children and adults, able bodied and disabled persons, institutions and organizations. Toy libraries serve people without regard to race, sex, disability, religion, language or national origin.

A toy library is a service that provides members with the opportunity for shared play and / or the loan of toys and games. A toy library can be operated by individuals, charity organizations, local, regional or national governments or any other similar agency or group.

As often as possible Toy Libraries serve as a community resource offering information, guidance and support to members in addition to the loan of toys and games.

In some countries like Denmark, Sweden and Croatia toy libraries are only for handicapped children. In Great-Britain there are both types. All the others are open and in most countries, toys are lent out.

European TL are open to everybody.

European TL give opportunity for shared play & loan of toys

European TL give information, guidance & support

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